Steel Fabrication

Medford Metal Works

Supplying Contractors with Custom Metal Parts

Southern Oregon Steel Fabrication

Steel Frames

Get custom steel fabrication for light commercial and residential needs at Medford Metal Works.
Railing, roofing structures, awning frame structures and more.

Steel Countertops

Commercial and industrial strength coutertops, framing for kitchens, bars, and manufacturing plants.
Get it built to fit any space that you need. On time and completive rates.

Work Truck Fabrication

Get your existing truck bed rebuilt to fit your needs. Bring in your truck or van and your specifications for a FREE estimate.
You can also get help with the design at no extra charge.

Structural Steel Fab Services:

  • Awning Structures
  • Roof Reinforcement
  • Automotive
  • Industrial
  • Residential
  • Commercial